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[Comments] (4) : Is it a good idea to make one of those English Christmas fruitcakes? They look really good, but they also look like they might explode at any minute.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Nov 09 2005 02:44

I dunno, you made non-alcoholic non-caffeinated tiramisu. I'm not sure I could trust you with a fruitcake recipe unless you promised to use all the rum you could possibly afford.

Posted by Kevan at Thu Nov 10 2005 05:39

Do you mean the Christmas puddings you cover with brandy and set fire to, if you're talking about explosions? Yes, it's a good idea, if so, although I'm afraid I can't offer any insider knowledge about making them.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Nov 10 2005 13:45

I'm interested in making the puddings as well, but at the moment I was thinking of the cakes, which I've never seen. My mother made a flammable pudding last year for Christmas, and I also had some at an Australian Christmas party in July. But the cakes are a mystery, and I tend to think that anything mysterious is bound to explode.


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