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[Comments] (5) : Now that I've gotten recording to work on my computer I'm having a rare old time actually doing recordings. So far I've recorded two new songs for my upcoming album, which I hope to release next month in time for the ten-year anniversary of the day I bought my first guitar and started learning to play. I'm not totally sure why I would want to advertise the fact that I've been playing guitar for ten years, given my current level of ability, but it seems like the kind of things real musicians do to prove how self-indulgent they are.

Should I release (drafts of) my songs as I complete them, or keep them hidden from you until everything's ready to be released? Also I need to pick a name for the album. This is my first serious musical release in five or six or eight years (depending on what you count as "serious") so I'm a little out of practice with the cover art and the naming and whatnot.

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Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 12 2005 10:29

I think you should keep them hidden. And make me a copy. Or do I have to buy your music these days?

Posted by Andy H. at Mon Dec 12 2005 18:04

Does anyone need to buy your music these days? Because I probably would.

P.S. Yay!

Posted by Leonard at Mon Dec 12 2005 18:36

No, nobody needs to buy my music. My other albums were recorded before it was easy to put music online. I remember charging $3 or something for a copy of the tape. I'm glad that's over with.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Dec 12 2005 18:41

Andy, do you by any chance have my old recording of Frog/Antifrog? I can't find it anywhere, but I figure you might still have a copy.

Posted by Andy H. at Tue Dec 13 2005 02:36

As it happens, I do. You may now acquire it here.

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