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[Comments] (3) I'll Clobber Your Heart With My Dancing: We watched Holiday Inn, another Tivoed classic. Pretty good; there are not enough movies where people start businesses. However, all the songs except "White Christmas" were forgettable. I'm not someone who goes around claiming that polygamous marriages will solve everyone's problems, but it really would have helped the characters in this movie.

There was an odd wartime newsreel type song for the Fourth of July, where the chorus sings "Freedom! Freedom! Here comes the Freedom Man!", and, yes, here he comes, the Freedom Man, to sing about freedom. "I'm singing a song about freedom," he sings. I think a lot of the problems in this country stem from the fact that freedom is no longer sold door-to-door.

Blackface. Argh. Every movie I've seen with Fred Astaire (a grand total, I believe, of two) also has hideous blackface. In this movie I suspect there was an actual blackface number which was cut for cable, but they couldn't cut it all because there's a touching scene where Bing Crosby proposes to his beau... while making her up in blackface! Gah!

Also we recently saw A Day at the Races, where the Marx Brothers put on blackface for no reason at all. Supposedly they did it to hide among genuine black people, but the authorities are fooled for precisely 0.0 seconds, so they could have just skipped it. The only interesting aspect of it is that Harpo only puts blackface on one side of his face, making him look like the racial allegory aliens from the original Star Trek.

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Posted by mikepop at Wed Dec 14 2005 13:10

How could anyone forget the Lincoln's Birthday song?


Posted by Leonard at Wed Dec 14 2005 16:20

I can't forget it, because I never saw it. It's the one I suspect of being cut because of extreme blackface content.

Posted by mikepop at Wed Dec 14 2005 18:58

Good point. I think the (seemingly uncut) version I saw was on Turner Classic Movies two winters ago.

It was definitely the song that made you go "Ok, now they're just being ridiculous."

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