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: Kevin heard the songs I've been recording, and compares my music to Joan Jett's. That's nice of him to say, but I think he's only saying it because "Get Around" has the same meter as "I Love Rock and Roll".

Finished two songs and two recipes today!

: Feedburner's FeedFlare looks like the feed-annotation device I proposed early this year in the Ultra Gleeper post-partum entry "RSS aggregator as task aggregator". FeedFlare lets you munge the entries in your RSS feeds, adding arbitrary sidebars and tools to each. In the original entry I said:

It's a good idea though, until someone gets mad that you're changing their RSS feeds, which I estimate would take 16 seconds.

I was clearly a little off on my timing there, because it's been at least 18 seconds and I don't see anyone who's complained about this yet. I guess all the people who would get mad are still diverted by the spectacle of Greasemonkey modifying their web pages.

: "Halcyon days" explained. From Kevin.

Joke: Sumana is reading The Mythical Man-Month. This reminded me of a Segfault story I never finished, in which I alleged that most of the people who'd originally bought that book had confused it with a sensationalistic book of cryptozoology published at the same time: The Mythical Moth-Man.


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