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: Sumana wrote a weblog entry on my behalf. Here it is:

I like Python! Also, here is a picture of a penguin. A meta-penguin!

[Comments] (1) : Things did happen yesterday, but I couldn't write about them because my neighborhood had no power all day because of a big thunderstorm. Mike Popovic came over (he was briefly in town from Maine), and we had lunch (produced on my gas range), and talked for hours.

Tonight: random date night. Sumana and I walked down Valencia and went into, I believe, every bookstore that was open. We also ate dinner at a tapas restaurant which was not good enough to justify its price.

I like the tapas idea though, and I wonder if other types of cuisine might start having tapas-style restaurants, and if this would encourage experimentation. Though I know nothing about Spanish food except what I've eaten in tapas restaurants, so for all I know this has already happened, and the tapas I've been eating are fusion tapas.


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