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[Comments] (1) Awesome Josh: I never told you this (and apparently I forgot to tell Josh too). Back when I posted about opportunities in book-writing, Josh Myer took up the project I had announced. Recently he thanked me for the tip by paying me an "agent fee": a copy of Rules of Play, a book on game design. Awesome.

Also, hilarity occured in conjunction with the book delivery. It was delivered over Thanksgiving weekend, when we were all at the zoo with Riana. Now, Riana used to date Josh, so when I opened up the package and read the note inside her gast was flabbered. "You got a present from my ex?" she said. "He never sends me presents!" Man, you can't buy that kind of hilarity. At least not since my hilarity store went out of business.


Posted by Josh Myer at Thu Dec 22 2005 19:50

Oh, hey, good to see you got it. I figured esoterica was the best thing to get you, what with the holidays approaching. I just finally got paid. Apparently the book is supposed to be out next month. Only four months late, minus three authors, with a different editor, and so on and so forth. Woo boy was that a trip.

Also, I just sent Riana a birthdaymas present, I swear! I'm not that bad a boyfriend. No matter what Riana says, nor how much evidence she may present.

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