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[Comments] (2) : I was going through this big list of DVD nerds' favorite DVD releases of 2005 and I saw a really nice-looking Japanese film called University of Laughs. It's kind of similar to The Five Obstructions, except that the obstructions are imposed on a playwright by a WWII government censor. The playwright keeps rewriting his play to satisfy the censor, who ends up using his power as a collaborative tool.

That's a funnier premise than The Five Obstructions, so I have high hopes for this movie. Plus it's got a great "Japanese comedy troupe" name (which is, within the movie, actually the name of a Japanese comedy troupe). It looks like I'd have to go to one of those importer web sites to get it, though.

Also, Kevan may be interested in the French film Les revenants (English title "They Came Back", which doesn't seem to be any kind of translation), assuming he hasn't seen it already.

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Posted by Kevan at Fri Dec 30 2005 21:19

Ha. I started watching Les Revenants with friends a couple of weeks ago (who'd picked it up for me with the same thinking - it's in French! It's boring! It has zombies!), but they both got fed up with it before I did; I'll watch it again when they're not looking. Did seem very good, from the first half hour - a more thoughtful version of the service-industry repatriation in Shaun of the Dead.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 30 2005 21:21

Actually, I guess "revenant" would mean "comer-back" in French.

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