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[Comments] (4) The Juicer Is For Making Juice: Every year John Allison has his cartoon character Shelley Winters review the albums of the year. Every year I'm reminded of how much Shelley reminds me of my sister Susanna.

I have an awesome Christmas present still to give Susanna. Also a juicer.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jan 01 2006 00:09

yay, I'm special! You know, I juiced the lemons from mom by hand and made lemonade. They were really easy to juice though.

Ok, why does this girl remind you of me?

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jan 01 2006 04:51

I made lemonade too. I have a huge thing full of lemonade syrup waiting to be made into lemonade.

She looks like you and she kind of acts like you. That's why.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jan 01 2006 05:06

See, for instance, this comic, where she acts kind of like you, and where in the second panel she looks exactly like you.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 04 2006 18:08

Ok. she does look a bit like me. except I have brown eyes! And I don't have such a dorky smile.

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