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[Comments] (2) Peanut Brittle: The Foisting: I made a batch of peanut brittle yesterday and it turned out pretty well. However I still have many peanuts left, and I have gotten no requests for peanut brittle except for the one from Susanna, who is already going to get peanut brittle from Brian. If this keeps up I will have to start foisting peanut brittle on people. Foist!

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Posted by Sean Neakums at Wed Dec 07 2005 04:04

Foist, do no hahm.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Dec 07 2005 14:16

Leonard: Saloners generally like your brittle, except that it is slightly less brittle than we'd like. A bit soft, what? It should break into shards in the mouth, not balls.


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