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[Comments] (5) Eggnog: A couple things about eggnog. I found out from John that the eggnog you buy at the store is supposed to be diluted. Specifically it's supposed to be diluted with booze, but you can dilute it with milk, so long as you dilute it with something. My whole life I've been drinking concentrated eggnog. This explains a lot about my relationship with eggnog.

Before I learned the truth about eggnog I was planning to make some homemade eggnog to see if that was any better (I still am, actually). One thing that occured to me when looking at the recipes is that the ingredients for eggnog are exactly the same as the ingredients for ice cream. So you could make the eggnog ice cream that John loves so much just by pouring eggnog into an ice cream maker. But then I saw an episode of Good Eats where the exact same thing happened, so I can't take the credit for that idea.

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Posted by Brendan at Wed Dec 07 2005 09:07

Eggnog got me ejected from the sixth-grade school spelling bee, after I went to state in the fifth grade, because in the grocery store it's printed on cartons like


and I confidently spelled it as two words.

Death to eggnog.

Posted by John at Wed Dec 07 2005 09:23

Ooh, my brother-in-law made eggnog creme brulee (sp) for dessert on Sunday. And he didn't put eggnog in it. He said it just called for lots of nutmeg. I don't normally like that flan-esque stuff, but it was really good.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Dec 07 2005 11:30

Creme brulee has basically the same stuff as ice cream mix, so that makes sense. Eggnog is basically nutmeg-flavored ice cream mix.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Dec 07 2005 20:43

christina bought a lipgloss at LUSH called EggSnog

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 08 2005 10:18

You could dilute it with Sprite of ginger ale, but I've never tried it.


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