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[Comments] (11) Curry Recipe: From Sumana's mother, Nagalakshmi, who wants me to come to India and says if I do she'll teach me how to cook Indian food.

Heat the oil in a pan. When it's hot, add the mustard seed, turmeric, and ginger. Then add:

Close the lid and leave for 5-8 minutes. Then add:

Serve with rice or naan or whatever.

My problem was, I was using too much liquid and my curry always was soupy.

I revently bought a bunch of spices mail-order (more on this later) but I didn't get any turmeric. I thought the only reason people used turmeric was for color, to fool diners into thinking you'd put saffron into the food when actually you were too cheap to buy saffron. Sumana and her mother think this is a hilarious misconception of mine.

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Posted by Frances at Thu Feb 10 2005 19:00

There is an Indian spice store here in Bako--big national company, headquarters here. I read about it in the paper You should check it out next time you come.

Posted by John at Thu Feb 10 2005 19:04

I love naan, but haven't had any since my stint in the Kong. If you guys come to btown for President's Day, maybe we can have naan!

Posted by Rachel at Thu Feb 10 2005 20:07

They sell naan at TJs but it is not as good as getting it fresh in a restaurant.

Posted by frances at Thu Feb 10 2005 20:51

you guys can make some, or go out to a restaurant.

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 10 2005 22:23

What is naan?

Posted by Brendan at Thu Feb 10 2005 23:58

Susie, naan is a kind of unleavened Indian bread, baked in a clay oven, and it is the single best kind of bread ever created by humans. I have killed men over it. Actually I haven't.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Feb 11 2005 08:13

Go to the Bombay House and get their naan. Eat one for me! I have a great recipe for onion naan, if you are interested. It's pretty easy, too.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Feb 11 2005 08:20

Leonard, have you ever eaten at the Bombay House in Provo? That place is a surprising little treasure.

Posted by John at Fri Feb 11 2005 12:17

I've heard not good things about Bombay house.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 11 2005 12:58

Probably from me- I went there with Anne once and I didn't like it. But most of the dishes we ordered were seafood, so I only tried a few things.


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