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[Comments] (2) CodeCon Request: If anyone reading this is coming to CodeCon tomorrow, would you mind printing a copy of my paper and giving it to me there? I'm out of reach of printers--printers and I never did get along very well; the feud dates all the way back to my old noisy dot-matrix--and I'd like a paper copy to use when working on my talk. Let me know if this is within your abilities; I'd also love paper copies of my preliminary slides, on which to write my notes.

[Comments] (6) Forbearance: I decided not to use my CodeCon presentation to push my pet hypothesis that the "free money from the government" guy is actually the Riddler from Batman.

"Riddle me this, Batman! How could you get $800 for remodelling the Bat-Cave? Or $400 for a new cape? Or over $1000 for repairs to the Batmobile?"

[Comments] (5) Mea Gleepa: It turns out the Ultra Gleeper requires version 0.5.3 of SQLObject, not version 0.6 or up as I previously stated. It looks like I started working on it about three days before 0.6 was released. I know Ian Bicking reads this weblog, so maybe he could speculate on whether porting to 0.6 would be fraught with peril or as easy as changing the import statements.

Update: I just released 1.0.2, which fixes RSS bugs and also moves the variables specific to my installation into cfg.py where you'll run into them while setting up the database and change them to your stuff.


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