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[Comments] (5) Mea Gleepa: It turns out the Ultra Gleeper requires version 0.5.3 of SQLObject, not version 0.6 or up as I previously stated. It looks like I started working on it about three days before 0.6 was released. I know Ian Bicking reads this weblog, so maybe he could speculate on whether porting to 0.6 would be fraught with peril or as easy as changing the import statements.

Update: I just released 1.0.2, which fixes RSS bugs and also moves the variables specific to my installation into cfg.py where you'll run into them while setting up the database and change them to your stuff.

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Posted by Aaron Swartz at Sat Feb 12 2005 16:28

It looks like leonardr is hardcoded in the UserGleeper.py script.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Sun Feb 13 2005 00:33

It's not as easy an as import statement -- instantiation (which fetches rows) turns into a MyClass.get(id) call, and creating a row becomes MyClass(**kw) (instead of .new). That's pretty much it, but it's pretty significant.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 13 2005 11:21

Aaron: argh! Here's the code to run instead:

if __name__ == '__main__':
for u in User.select():

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 13 2005 11:22

Except indented correctly.

Posted by cola at Mon Feb 14 2005 05:06

WebUtil.isInterestingLink had no return statement, in 1.0 and 1.0.4. So neither scrapeHTML nor scrapeRSS ever returned any links, at least here.

This is a strange bug because Ultra Gleeper shouldn't work for anyone, yet it does.


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