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[Comments] (14) : I have a compulsion to buy weird soaps and sometimes I regret it. Like the cocoa soap. It smells like cocoa! Hmm.

The soap I'm using now is some lavender clay soap. I dropped it on the bathroom floor when I was taking it out of its package, and little bits shattered off. Yup, clay soap.

The flyer for the CodeCon Google reception last night says "Relax and rewind." What does it mean to rewind, in that context? It could have been a retro-video-game-themed party, but no such luck. They probably meant "unwind"?

Off to give Gleeper talk.

[Comments] (1) : Gleeper talk went really well, I think. I'll put up the slides tomorrow in PDF format, and hopefully they'll archive the recording of the talk, so you can experience it retrospectively.

The OpenOffice presentation program is really good for drawing little ad hoc diagrams like the ones I made heavy use of in my talk. Better than any of the specialized diagram-drawing programs, closer than them to my preferred presentation strategy of scrawling ovals and arrows on a whiteboard.

Details about my next big project (until now maintained in parallel with the Gleeper, now to eat up all my time) coming soon.


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