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Now We Are Sick: Can't go to CodeCon today because my sinuses hurt. I will tell you a story about being sick and the moral is: never buy more than one box of TheraFlu per illness.

My senior year of college I got sick a lot for some reason, with the sinus/ear/throat problems to which I am prone. Fortunately in the UCLA student store they sold TheraFlu, a granular substance which when added to hot water produced a soothing liquid similar to apple cider. I did this once and it worked really well to relieve the symptoms, so the next time I got sick I bought two boxes of it.

But by the time I started in on the second box, the peculiar not-quite-apple-cider smell and taste of TheraFlu was starting to itself become a source of sickeningness. I gave up halfway through the second box, even though it really helped the symptoms, because just smelling or thinking about it made me want to throw up. And now I can't even appreciate real apple cider, which I used to like a lot. Thus, the aforementioned moral.

Turning to the lighter side of the news, I put up the slides from my CodeCon talk. Hopefully soon the archived audio will be put up, and you can read along.


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