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[Comments] (6) Sony Walkman Personal Stereo Park: San Francisco renamed Candlestick Park to Monster Park, hopefully because monster.com gave them a lot of money but also because "Monster Park" sounds cool and scaray. How about renaming Alcatraz to Monster Island?


Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 14 2005 18:51

That is so weird! Why would you name a park "MonsterPark"??? Except for the aforementioned reasons of course.

Posted by Riana at Mon Feb 14 2005 19:05

Aha! I was wondering yesterday why I'd never noticed the signs on the freeway for that exit before. After all, a sign for "Monster Park" is pretty darn noticeable.

Monster Park!

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Feb 14 2005 19:19

I work on Alcatraz, and I for one welcome our new Monster overlords.

Posted by XR7 at Tue Feb 15 2005 12:22

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Posted by Leonard at Sat Feb 19 2005 23:21

How come they just put up the signs recently, after that proposition passed? Petty vengeance?


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