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[Comments] (6) Sony Walkman Personal Stereo Park: San Francisco renamed Candlestick Park to Monster Park, hopefully because monster.com gave them a lot of money but also because "Monster Park" sounds cool and scaray. How about renaming Alcatraz to Monster Island?


Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 14 2005 18:51

That is so weird! Why would you name a park "MonsterPark"??? Except for the aforementioned reasons of course.

Posted by Riana at Mon Feb 14 2005 19:05

Aha! I was wondering yesterday why I'd never noticed the signs on the freeway for that exit before. After all, a sign for "Monster Park" is pretty darn noticeable.

Monster Park!

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Feb 14 2005 19:19

I work on Alcatraz, and I for one welcome our new Monster overlords.

Posted by XR7 at Tue Feb 15 2005 12:22

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Posted by Steve Jenson at Sat Feb 19 2005 22:47

The name rights were actually purchased by Monster Cable and not monster.com.

Some of us here in San Francisco don't care for how the city whores out Candlestick Park so we voted to rename it back to Candlestick.


Posted by Leonard at Sat Feb 19 2005 23:21

How come they just put up the signs recently, after that proposition passed? Petty vengeance?


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