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[Comments] (7) : I think this would be a great game but I can't think of a mechanism: "Disconnect Four".

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Feb 17 2005 15:46

The winner is the one who achieves the greatest degree of alienation between his workers and their products.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Feb 17 2005 17:03

I think it'd be like Go, where you have a field of red disks and you have to change certain ones to black, so there are no rows of four.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Feb 17 2005 17:06

I was thinking something similar, Kris, but you can't do that with two people, and as a solitare game there's no challenge. Thus, stymitization.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Fri Feb 18 2005 02:34

Wasn't there some game kids would play on graph paper in grade school, where you... cross off areas and mark them with your initial, and you try to take the whole board?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Feb 18 2005 13:18

Yeah, but again you're connecting things instead of disconnecting them. I guess you could rebrand it so there's a pre-drawn graph you're erasing, but I never liked that game anyway.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Feb 18 2005 19:44

You know, I bet the problem of winning a connecting-grids game is in NP-Complete. Or if it's not it should be.

Posted by Kevan at Sun Feb 20 2005 19:42

Randomly fill a Connect Four grid with discs, then take turns to suck a disc of your colour from any column, using a keyboard-fluff vacuum cleaner. If you can't get to any of your discs, then you have to pass. When you take your last piece, you win. Or lose. I don't know. Feels like it'd horribly, boringly flawed and pointless either way.


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