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[Comments] (3) Can't fight the freezer: Am thinking of getting a big standalone freezer to supplement the meager freezer on top of my fridge. I like making food and freezing it to heat up later. How much sense does this make? I'm not sure where in my house it would go.

I'll try to keep posting every day despite the month and a half of constant activity that looms before me. I like posting to NYCB but too often it turns into an excuse to procrastinate, which is my big problem. In addition to Ultra Gleeper, where I've finally pulled out of the rest stop and onto the straightaway, this new project is the textbook example of something you don't want to do if you want to retain free time. I guess I can prove the Ultra Gleeper is worth its salt by just spending a couple minutes a day posting links I find through it.

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Posted by Frances at Thu Feb 03 2005 10:50

You don't have to get a big freezer. They come in all sizes. Maybe a smallish one would fit in your laundry room?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Feb 03 2005 14:23

I was thinking of putting it in the laundry room, but it would have to go between the washer and the dryer, and wouldn't those things generate heat that would throw it off? Maybe I am just being paranoid.

When Sumana and I were looking at washing machines we saw some small freezers that might fit.


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