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[Comments] (3) : Making good progress on the secret project, which I don't even really think needs to be a secret, but if I weren't too lazy to find out I'd instead be too lazy to work on the project. So it's a good trade-off. Meanwhile my brain is working on other ideas to astound you. I'm really starting to identify with the Richard Feynman quote (was it a quote or an anecdote about him?) that suggests you should cultivate a smal set of ideas and apply them to everything that comes your way, so that when you find a match people will think you're brilliant.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Feb 20 2005 22:25

That sounds like Garbage Can Theory to me.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Feb 22 2005 05:19

This is sort of the same as my theory of good conversation-making, which is to know of everything one could possibly discuss, but only in one context, so if it comes up, you can steer the conversation in that direction. Then people think you know everything about everything, when you really only know one thing about everything.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Feb 22 2005 17:44

I guess the distinguishing factor for this is that no one's making me actually solve or talk about every problem with my small bag of tricks. I get to pick and choose, and only show off my successes.


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