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[Comments] (8) Exciting Gmail Contest: It used to be that people who got Gmail accounts would hold contests on their weblogs to give out their Gmail invites. The first n people who commented on the relevant entry would get a Gmail invite. Well, time passed, as it always does, and now there are too many Gmail invites to go around. Everywhere I go, people bombard me with offers to send me Gmail invites. Soon I predict it will escalate to bombarding me with actual Gmail invites, and then with bricks.

To keep things civilized I am starting a contest. The first one person to comment on this entry offering me a Gmail invite can go ahead and send me one. Surely this friendly competition will solve the Gmail invite problem once and for all!

And Other Dangers: I'm rebooting my Ultra Gleeper installation to get a feel for how long it really takes to set up the dataset, and to write the getting-started document. So far it's taking a loooong time; I think because I'm running it on a machine with less bandwidth. Best find so far: Code Names, a map of secrets.

Gleeper TODO note to myself: (all of this has to be done by Monday)


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