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[Comments] (4) World Famous Ultra Gleeper: So what did I find out today but that the Ultra Gleeper, which still needs to be rejiggered so it's easier to install, is famous! It's mentioned in an article on CodeCon and Demo on B1 of today's Wall Street Journal (though they devalued it to a mere "Gleeper").

And when I tried a Google News search to see if Google had some sneaky deal with the WSJ such that I could use it to link through their subscription firewall (answer: nope), I discovered that the Ultra Gleeper got a much more gushing treatment in Red Herring, in an interview with Christian Leybold, a VC whose company sponsored the "underground convergence of algorithmic minds". Doesn't this mean I get a free round of funding?

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Posted by Nikita at Tue Mar 01 2005 17:25

Hey, I didn't see anything about the Ultra Gleeper or CodeCon in today's WSJ. You owe me a dollar!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 01 2005 17:41

Yeah, that's it, sorry.

I was given a copy of the WSJ article so I didn't check the date. It's actually yesterday's WSJ.


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