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[Comments] (2) There's a dollar in every one! My chain letter scam worked!: It turns out I have two benefactors: Kevan, who bought me The Third Policeman; and Josh Lucas, who bought me Moneyball and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail. These data points lend still more support to Kevan's hypothesis that when Alice buys Bob a gift from Bob's wish list, she actually buys from the intersection of the wish list and the things Alice likes.

Kevan writes:

Come on, admit it, you only made the Wisherman so that people would buy things from your wishlist in gratitude. This book's one of my favourites, anyway; enjoy it.

I encourage everyone to believe this.

: I got roped into writing another chapter for the Python book, so once again free time is a thing of the past. Lousy past, hoarding all my free time! [whack] Take that! Crud, I destroyed the past.


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