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[Comments] (3) : I wrote my cute little IRC ripoff for the book in about 100 lines of Python. I was going to invite you all to telnet in and try it out, but there are firewalls in front of all the machines on which I can run the program, firewalls that prevent me from exposing servers of any kind to the outside. Tragedy!


Posted by Seth Schoen at Tue Mar 15 2005 01:21

If you won't get in trouble for doing this, you should do something like

ssh -f -g -R 2323:localhost:23 somehost sleep 1000000

If you don't have a host where you can do that, I can probably give you an account on one.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Mar 15 2005 01:59

Leonard! Why the blazes don't you have a Zork.Net account yet? Send me your id-{r,d}sa.pub!

Posted by unclepedro at Tue Mar 15 2005 12:02

You can always run it at tastytronic.net if you want -- I'll need to make a firewall hole for you though.


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