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[Comments] (8) A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental: Sumana knows I'm obsessed with the automat, and sent me a bunch of frustratingly-small historical images pertaining to that dys/utopia of restauranteering. I must now see Dark City just for that sleek-looking automat scene. Also, for some reason, vegan cheesecake.

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Posted by Jason Robbins at Sat Mar 19 2005 10:34

How could you make an automat even more automatic?

In Soviet Russia, shoes shop for you! :)

Posted by Leonard at Sat Mar 19 2005 22:48

No, but I haven't had time to repair it yet. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

Posted by Andy H. at Mon Mar 21 2005 04:46

Obligatory similar complaint re: Urban Creation Myth.

Posted by Nik at Mon Mar 21 2005 07:02

I love Dark City, but heard the spoilering on my first viewing. The trick is to develop a horrifically bad memory, such that by the time the ending comes around (or, indeed, the first five minutes have elapsed) you've utterly forgotten the opening monologue.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Mar 21 2005 11:37

I can't fix Urban Creaton Myth; I have to re-record the whole thing.

Posted by Andy H. at Wed Mar 23 2005 16:44



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