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[Comments] (6) Blockquote Thetans: Beautiful Soup is on a roll lately, getting lots of buzz at PyCon, and at the BangPyPers, the Bangalore Python users' group. Now that I've got a little free time I worked on version 2.0 this evening, which should make people happy. But then I watched The Emperor's New Groove with Sumana, which made me happy.

I can't think of any other Disney films that are out-and-out comedies. Usually they've got a bunch of songs and morality crap and it's like a dang variety show up there. I really dislike that, but this movie was great. Even its failed jokes were funnier than the comic relief in a typical Disney animated feature. Of course, I stopped seeing these movies a long time ago; maybe they're all like this now.

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Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Mar 30 2005 02:36

I really liked it too, it was very non-standard Disney crapola.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Mar 30 2005 02:37

... should have been more hyphens; it looks like I'm calling it Disney crapola, just not their usual standard.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Mar 30 2005 10:34

Did you see Lilo and Stitch? I heard it was good, but I'm not sure what standard of "good" was being used.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Wed Mar 30 2005 11:59

I liked Lilo and Stitch.

Maybe you can look at Ping's scraper too, for more ideas for 2.0.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Mar 30 2005 12:06

I didn't know he wrote a scraper. Ah, I found it. Looking... well, 2.0 is definitely going to let you search for text as well as tags. I also like his idea of finding the 'next' instance of something.

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Wed Mar 30 2005 21:20

The Emperor's New Groove is non-canonical Disney, because the mother didn't die.


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