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[Comments] (4) : What's the deal with WIGU? The old strip ended, and after a couple weeks of messing around with other things, half the characters from the old strip showed up again and now it's like it was before. It's the Outland of web comics.


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Mar 31 2005 20:02

Okay, so here's my perspective on the tale.

I first encountered WIGU when it was still "When I Grow Up", and it was about two college kids trying to smuggle a donkey from Tijuana or something. When he shifted gears and did the comic about young Wigu Tinkle, it was a massive improvement.

But pretty quickly while trying to emulate what it's like to be that age, he came up with the ludicrous TV show Magical Adventures In Space. I don't think he realized for a long time that the MAIS tail was wagging the WIGU dog, even with the googel maverick and hugo and all that good stuff.

So at some point he ended the Wigu Tinkle thread with "I'm too old for MAIS. I'll watch Science Cop instead". For a while he tried to do odd extraneous threads: he did a few panels of science cop, then tried a completely different cartoon, and then finally settled on drawing all-MAIS-all-the-time.

So in many ways it looks as though he tried an experiment and then fell back on his core franchise. Hell, the only Wigu shirt I own is the I AM MADE OF POISON one. He's fleshing out the butter dimensions a little, adding more characters, and I hope he can keep it going for a good long while.

Posted by mike at Thu Mar 31 2005 21:00

Actually, it was his intention to do MAIS after The Tinkles WIGU, and he just threw in that other stuff as a bit of nonsense. Sort of the same deal as when he went from original When I Grow Up to WIGU - he had that "Project Thingy" comic in between for a couple of weeks. Maybe he just likes a bit of a buffer. He talks about it a bit on the messageboard somewhere.

I loved the whole Wigu Tinkle bit - I was hooked right from the start with the musical he and his sister put on about cockfighting. I thought it lost some of it's charm towards the end, so I was glad to see him switch it up.

Posted by Sean Neakums at Fri Apr 01 2005 02:12

My attention span is shot (I blame Penny Arcade, television, and The Fiery Furnaces) so I just read Overcompensating.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:02

Yeah, Overcompensating is where it's at.


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