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[Comments] (5) : Clearly bottles of wine dipped in chocolate are an abomination, since inedible objects should never be dipped in edible coating. But is it actually disturbing, or just a garden-variety abomination? I can't decide.

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Posted by Zack at Wed Mar 09 2005 02:20

The bottle is edible! You just have to polymorph into a xorn first.

Posted by Andy H. at Wed Mar 09 2005 04:48

Do xorns eat chocolate?

Posted by uncle pedro at Wed Mar 09 2005 07:33

What about a glass piercer? Or is a glass piercer *made* out of glass?

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Wed Mar 09 2005 10:36

Ek kan glas eet, dit maak my nie seer nie.
I kaun Gloos essen, es tuat ma ned weh.
Saya bisa makan gelas tanpa sakit
Az iam staklo i to ne mi vredi
Puc menjar vidre que no em fa mal
Muzu jíst sklo; to mi neskodí.
Ik kan glas eten. Het doet geen pijn.
Mi povas mangxi vitron, gxi min ne doloras.
Motum awe bodambo. Onye me hwee.
Dúnamai húalon esthíein; toûde oudamws huperalgew'.
Posso mangiare il vetro, non mi fa male.

et cetera, et cetera.


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