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[Comments] (6) The Biennial Question: I need new computer stuff (specifically, hard drives and maybe a CPU). Where do I go, loyal readers?


Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:04

Newegg, if you know what you want already. I bought almost all the pieces of my current box there (except the CPU, actually, because they were sold out of what I wanted). Their standard prices aren't much different than what you'd get at a standard retail outlet, but a) they ship cheap and b) their OEM stuff is a steal, and they have tons of it.

I can also vouch for their decent and relatively quick handling on returns, although the restocking fee was annoying.

Posted by Adam Vandenberg at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:10

I'm turning into a Newegg fan as well. Mostly good prices, with plenty of great prices thrown in, and I haven't had any problems ordering from them.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:43

I bought a system from these guys a little while ago: http://www.mgepconline.com -- they assembled it and it works just fine, and I could order it exactly as I wanted it so that it didn't include parts I already had. I also got an OEM ethernet card for another computer which was crappy and unsupported; that was disappointing, but the system was great.

Posted by Adam P. at Fri Apr 01 2005 16:59


(april fools!)


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