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[Comments] (4) Anacrusish #3: This is actually #2: I wrote it about six months ago but I just showed it to Brendan instead of posting it, and I forgot about it. I'm cleaning out Beautiful Soup email from my inbox and I stumbled upon it, so why not post it now? Because it's got the same problems it did earlier, that's why. Oh well.


God has bent the spectrum over His knee. A rainbow goes from red to between yellow and green, then back down to red. Grass, if there was any, would look sick and brown. Silas's arms have mainly lost their highlights, but his rubber gloves are as black as before.

Silas wipes at his face for suddenly appearing goggles. Is it his brain, his eyes? The room, the world?

"The blue wire!" shouts Detective Rogin from behind the vault's door. "Cut the blue wire!"

Silas looks down at the package and tries to remember. Clearly someone does not want him to succeed.

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Posted by anonymous at Sat Apr 02 2005 06:56

I liked it!

Posted by Brendan at Sat Apr 02 2005 14:06

Me too!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Apr 03 2005 14:22

Write more!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Apr 03 2005 14:22



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