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[Comments] (5) Beautiful Soup 2.0: After much last-minute tweaking of Python and CSS, Beautiful Soup 2.0 is released! I really outdid myself this time. Still in one file, much better at parsing bad HTML, has pretty-printer, lots of idiomatic shortcuts for writing more concise code, lots of documentation. And, in contradiction of Leonard's Immutable Law of Open Source Software, it's not plugin-based. Go for it. No Python 1.5 support in this one, unfortunately.

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Posted by Frances at Sun Apr 10 2005 20:08

Who for such danties would not stoop? Soup of the evening, Beautiful Soup.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Apr 10 2005 21:42

what happened to all the weblogs?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Apr 11 2005 01:25

I fixed it.


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