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[Comments] (1) Easy Come, Easy Go: A couple days ago I got a letter from the Clark campaign. They are wrapping things up and they have an outstanding paycheck for me and is this the right address? Apparently between the week where nobody got paid and the actual end of the campaign, I must have put in a few hours of useful work, because I have $50.80 coming to me.

Then this morning I did my Arkansas taxes and it turns out I owe the state of Arkansas another $53. So that money's just going to go right back to Little Rock.

Night Of A Thousand Game Roundups: Cheap game roundup to celebrate that I sent off the revised copies of both my book chapters today. Yes, I am pretty much awesome. But enough about me. The stars of this particular show are the games, presented by ME! T-Rex!

The winner: Strategic Space Combat, aka SSC. No limerick as I am done with writing for today. Submit your own limericks in the comments, why don't you?


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