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[Comments] (1) What they did to my manuscript: I've decided to stop thinking of the Python book as a book with a bunch of authors and start thinking of it as an anthology of essays on Python. Thinking about it this way makes those huge multi-author books make a lot more sense.

However the publisher sees them as big books, so the copy editor went through my chapters (essays) removing the "I" voice because the "I" for this book has multiple personality disorder. I use "I" a whole lot, because my nonfiction writing style is "Hello, allow me to tell you stuff". My "I'll show you x" became "You'll learn to x", and "I think you should do x" became "You should do x". The latter I'm a little uneasy with. It's just, like, my opinion, man.

Speaking of which, the copy editor also took out my Lebowski homage (changing "parlance" to "terminology"), but left "encroaching ennui" and all of my jokes intact. Not a bad trade.


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