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[Comments] (4) Oranges and the Juice Thereof: Planet Organics had blood oranges on their list. I've loved blood oranges ever since I had blood orange juice from a Tetra-Pak Susanna brought back from Romania. I ordered two pounds of oranges for an exorbitant $4.00. As a tribute to the old Romanian aristocracy, I would bathe in the blood of oranges!

Well, it turns out two pounds of oranges is six oranges. Furthermore, that six oranges when squeezed yield about a glass of juice. So I spent $4.00 (of Sumana's money) on a glass of blood orange juice. I was enraged, but then we drank the juice and it was really good. Also, if you go out to a nice place for breakfast around here, a glass of non-blood orange juice costs $3.50. So $4.00 for fresh blood orange juice is doable as a one-time thing. I wonder if you can get those Tetra-Paks here, though.

: How do I keep getting sucked into these things? It must be my instatiable greed for latinum. I'm now in charge of revising a third chapter of the Python book. Soon I'll be an expert at everything!

Almost Immediate Update: Perhaps I spoke too soon; the original author is going to try to make time for the revisions.

The Downfall of Kris: I showed this cartoon to Kris and he vowed revenge. "Gil's goin' down," he says.


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