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[Comments] (13) Anticatnip: There are stray cats that wander the neighborhood, and they like to sleep on the patio and in the garden. Sumana dislikes these cats; they creep her out. Is there an anticatnip I could plant that would let me externalize the cost of stray cats by getting them to sleep on other peoples' patios?


Posted by Factitious at Mon Apr 18 2005 20:13

You could put catnip on all other patios.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Apr 18 2005 20:17

Or just throw catnip seeds surreptitiously over the fence and hope they germinate.

Posted by Voice of Experience at Mon Apr 18 2005 20:36

They will just eat the catnip and come back and sleep on the patio. Best to trap them and take them to the SPCA. Maybe the SPCA has a trap you can borrow.

Posted by John at Mon Apr 18 2005 20:43

I think Sumana should adopt one.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Mon Apr 18 2005 22:39

Maybe you can trap them in a /bin.

Posted by Brendan at Tue Apr 19 2005 01:19

Develop stereoisomers of catnip in your basement laboratory? Or maybe just hold some catnip up to a mirror, then reach through and grab it!

Posted by Brendan at Tue Apr 19 2005 01:21

No! Wait! Have your catnip grow a goatee!

Posted by Josh Myer at Thu Apr 21 2005 01:52

Everyone has missed the obvious solution: get a dog.


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