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[Comments] (3) : I don't think I've ever enjoyed (or even seen) a TV show as formulaic as House. The least formulaic part of that show is at the very beginning, where the announcer warns you that there are going to be CGI simulations of what happens inside peoples' bodies. What will the announcer say? Will he advise "viewer discretion", or "parental discretion", or just plain "discretion"? It keeps me guessing every time! But then the episode starts.

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Posted by Aaron Swartz at Sun Apr 03 2005 15:01

Oh man, I've been missing out -- I never see those announcements. Love the show, though. At leas the first 13 episodes. The whole "plot" thing with the hospital administrator is a real drag.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 04 2005 19:45

I agree, I think the how 'coporate drama' is lame.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 04 2005 19:47

I have no idea why I wrote the word "how" above. It must have been a thought I had superimposed into my comment.


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