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[Comments] (3) Cue "doodly-oodly-oodly" Music: Okay, I have revised that guy's chapter and I am now done with the Python book altogether! Except I still have to send off a list of helpful URLs, and a little bio. I'm thinking of reusing my CodeCon bio ("Leonard Richardson lives in San Francisco and writes software calculated to drive you mad"). I would actually be "using" that bio, which I like quite a lot, since as far as I know the CodeCon people never used it anywhere. Anyway, what should I put in my bio? And what web pages are good supplementary resources for 1) network programming, 2) web applications, 3) web services? I have my own list but I'd like to know what you think.

Tomorrow flying to Utah for John's graduation. Taking the train back means lots of time for reading, and for writing fiction. Ah, sweet fiction, where you can make up random stuff and no one can say it's wrong.


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