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Fanboy Roundup #2: Tragically, NYCB fan favorite Bob the Tholian was killed in the most recent episode of Enterprise. Or was it merely his evil mirror-universe twin, Bob the Evil Tholian? You can tell he's the evil one because his name is spelled backwards. And the little crystalline goatee.

This season of Enterprise has been great for fansboy like me (apart for moment of sheer wince-inducing awfulness like week-before-last), but that's because it's been filling in gaps left by other Trek series. This comes at the expense of doing new interesting things that a franchise needs to do to get new viewers, and creating new gaps to be filled in by later editions of the franchise. I don't know if this navel-gazing was why Enterprise was cancelled, or whether, given the probable fact of its cancellation Manny Coto (my new Trek hero, BTW) decided to just do everything he ever wanted to see in Trek and damn the consequences.

Fanboy Roundup continues later this week with the Hitchhiker's movie.

[Comments] (2) BIDDLE NOWADAYS!: Someone's selling a laptop on eBay. Among the "REAL SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM ACTUAL THE COMPUTER YOU WILL BE GETTING!!!!!!!" is the CNN screenshot from the Eater of Meaning (scroll down to "GO ONLINE TO THE INTERNET"). Plus things that aren't even screenshots, just the result of Google Image searches.

Ordinarily I 403 people trying to use Crummy images to spice up their eBay auctions, but I'll make an exception in this case. I guess if you bought this computer, the whole Internet would look eaten to you.


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