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[Comments] (14) Dismissed out of hand: I'm eating a Granny Smith apple. Whoever said they were good to eat raw? It's so tart. Brrrr,

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Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 08 2005 15:48

Whoever said that doesn't understand apples at all!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Apr 08 2005 15:55

All kinds of web pages praise the Granny Smith as a versatile apple good for just about anything. But it's a lie! You have to cut the tartness with fat, me thinks.

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 08 2005 17:21

Peanut Butter!

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 08 2005 18:22

Wait, I misread your post originally. You DO think they're too tart to eat raw? THERE IS NO SUCH QUALITY! YOUR METHOD OF JUDGMENT IS FLAWED!

I do actually prefer Granny Smith slices with T Marzetti's caramel dip to plain. Fujis, which I think are the perfect variety of apple, can go either way.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 08 2005 20:23

Fujichias, meanwhile, are deadly on the mic to the touch.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 08 2005 20:25

(As long as I'm cluttering up your comment page, that "on the mic" was supposed to be struck out.)

Posted by Frances at Fri Apr 08 2005 21:14

Tart is a good thing. The tarter the better. Bring on the sour fruit, the sour candy, the lemon meringue pie made with straight lemon juice!

Posted by Brendan at Sat Apr 09 2005 00:37

Frances, you are a woman after my own heart. I have yet to find any sour candy that satisfies my desire for tartness. What do you like?

Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Sat Apr 09 2005 01:54

Ugh. Raw apples rule. Tart is good.

Posted by Frances at Sat Apr 09 2005 12:04

I agree with you Brendan. All sour candy is insufficiently sour. When I was a little girl, my mother used to always carry a sour candy in her purse. It came in a roll, like Life Savers, and in cherry and lemon flavors. It was SOUR! If you sucked on it for long your mouth might get sore. I have looked and looked for equivalent candies with no luck.

Sour Skittles, I just suck the sour coating off and throw the rest away. (feed it to Gretel.)

Posted by Susie at Sat Apr 09 2005 12:32

I like those sweet & sour gummy worms, except they only make SWEET & sour gummy worms these days- not sour at all.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Apr 09 2005 14:31

sour-patch kids, you can suck the sour off... the altoids candies are ok too


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