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[Comments] (4) Fried Tofu: I used to make stuff with tofu but not successfully. My attempts at stir-frying it were failures. Recently I had to create a vegan feast, so I fried tofu in peanut oil and brushed it with a peanut sauce, and it was tasty. What was missing from my previous tofu attempts was texture, and frying solves that problem.

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Posted by Brendan at Sat Apr 09 2005 00:35

My mom made us fried tofu all the time when I was a kid! We had it as a bacon substitute (it's actually better as a BLT-bacon substitute). We would cut it into strips, dip it in tamari sauce, bread it with brewer's yeast and fry it in some light oil.

Posted by Susie at Sat Apr 09 2005 12:32

Do you like pancakes, Len?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 09 2005 12:40

I like waffles better. I bought a nonstick griddle for pancakes but I've never used it because every time I want something for breakfast I make waffles.


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