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[Comments] (3) : Hey, quick question. If I start up a server and bind it to localhost (instead of an IP address or an external hostname), then no one can access the server from outside localhost, right? This is backed up by my experience and stuff I've read, but I want to make triple sure so I don't tell people they're okay when they're actually exposing their systems to the outside.

[Comments] (5) Shaun of the Dead: Sumana rented it and we watched it tonight. It was really good, but in an amazing twist of fate the movie was ruined for me by false spoilers! Somehow while hearing about the movie (or, perhaps, seeing the name of the movie) I got the impression that halfway through, the main character got killed and came back as a zombie, but nonetheless they managed to pull it off as a romantic comedy. I thought this was so awesome that I kept wondering how they would manage it, and once it became clear that 1) it was not going to happen, and 2) the nature of zombiehood in this movie was such that it couldn't happen, it was a big disappointment. Still the best zombie movie I've ever seen.


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