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[Comments] (4) Hitchhiker's: Wow, that was great. Good job, Yoz!

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Posted by Daniel Rall at Tue May 03 2005 23:37

What do you say about all those poor reviews?

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 04 2005 15:51

I say bah to such reviews. The movie could have been a lot better, but it was great as is. They didn't screw it up by making it too movie-like, and they didn't screw it up by refusing to recognize that they were doing a two-hour movie and not some other medium.

Posted by camille at Mon May 09 2005 17:18

I felt like it was a good intro to the characters but not an interesting movie. However Benjamin (my boyfriend) actually is a fan of the book and really liked what they did. I think I oughta read it now.


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