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[Comments] (3) Use The Bike Rack: Kevin thought Community-Supported Agriculture schemes were for dirty hippies, but then I showed him this one where you go to San Juan Batista and pick up half a dang cow to take home.

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Posted by Josh Myer at Thu May 12 2005 10:40

That's so incredibly wonderful sounding. Althought, at 80lbs a half, those would be pretty little cows... calvehalves, perhaps?

I think "split halves" might be code word for "equally distributed quarter" or eighth.

And, man, am I'm jonesin' for an eighth of cow.

("About The Meat", arguably the best use of <title> ever, from another "natural" beef farm)

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 12 2005 11:23

Ah, the "split half" is a half that's been split. Tricky things, these semantics.

I thought 80 pounds sounded a little puny for a cow, but what do I know? Where I grew up they only raised plants.

Posted by Zack at Thu May 12 2005 22:19

Presumably 80lbs usable meat; they say 'pick up at the butcher' so they've probably taken out all the bones, skin, guts, etc. first.


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