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: Reading The Metaphysics of Star Trek because I got it for free somehow. I can never tell if the people who write these books are required to incorporate every single relevant reference from the TV show, or if they're just really good at picking and choosing examples to illustrate the various controversies.

The book is a pretty good introduction to the problems of mind and identity; I had not previously heard of the closest-container schema for numerical identity, and it's interesting but it doesn't make me feel any better about going through the transporter. Plus this book introduces a great term which I think deserves wider use: "recruited matter".

So it's a lot better book than I thought it would be, and not so aggressively "that is impossible" as The Physics of Star Trek, which I must have also somehow gotten for free because I wouldn't have bought it. These books apparently just fall off the backs of trucks into my lap. I believe Sumana is involved.


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