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[Comments] (2) : In Bakersfield, as seems to be the tradition. Went to the Bakersfield Home and Leisure Expo, which was on the fairgrounds and sounded like it would be like the county fair. Unfortunately it was only like the part of the county fair that's a big ripoff. There were a couple desultory snack bars, and a single building full of booths for various businesses, mostly mortgage-related. I expected them to come up to me and act like they already knew me. Cool things: Jerky Hut, where I got some habanero beef jerky for Kevin, and this business that sets up dress-up tea parties for little girls. Yes, the thing girls once did as a normal leisure activity is now catered and done as a birthday party or something. It's like if someone tried to sell me a party where you go swimming and then play Nintendo. But Rachel seemed very interested in the tea-party idea, so maybe I'm missing something.

Oh, the reason we wanted to go in the first place was my mother heard that there's this guy who does topiary dinosaurs, and we wanted to see that. He was not there. There are topiary dinosaurs online, though.


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