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[Comments] (1) Damn frogs, stealing our women!: Every since I was very young I've been fascinated with the story of the frog who would a-wooing go. There are so many variants of the song, but they're all clearly about the same frog and mouse.

Sometimes they get married and everything's fine. Sometimes they get married but then eaten by a fish or a heron or a cat. Sometimes they get eaten in the sixth verse for no real reason. It's like a probability distribution of all the different ways the lives of the frog and mouse could end up. They probably got eaten, but I prefer the versions where they don't. Cause having them get eaten just seems like

I'm tired of singing this song to you, mm-hmm
I'm tired of singing this song to you, mm-hmm
I'm tired of singing this song to you
They all got eaten by a bird, and away it flew
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, the end

Especially when it happens in the sixth verse.

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Posted by Brendan at Thu May 05 2005 16:47

Such suspiciously improvised final verses are not uncommon, suggests Matthew Baldwin at http://www.defectiveyeti.com/archives/000846.html:

"No for real
Go to sleep
Or we'll sell you
On E-bay"


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