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[Comments] (7) : I tried making marshmallows with agar agar and it was a disaster. What went wrong? I tried again with gelatin and that too was a disaster, but not in an unsuccessful-marshmallows way; more like a third of the marshmallow mixture stuck to things like my hands and the kitchen, and wouldn't go into the pan.

Perhaps if I made marshmallows using John Agar as the thickening agent. Yes, that would surely work.

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Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 10 2005 13:28

No, that might work but I wanted to make vegan marshmallows, and for that I can't use any gelatin at all.

The other thing I didn't try that might work is to heat the agar agar to bloom it instead of just dumping it in the water.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 10 2005 16:52

OR you could BUY marshamallows- 99cents a bag! Except they're not vegan.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Fri Jun 10 2005 18:28

All this talking about sugar has made me ... um, curious about the effect of sugar subsidies on our health.

Posted by Kevan at Mon Jun 13 2005 05:13

Is agar agar your comedy alien sidekick?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jun 13 2005 18:03

"Agar-Agar Binks, you've ruined another pan of marshmallows!" "Sooo-rry."


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