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Dichotomous Google Memewatch: "Threat or Menace?" is much more popular than my favorite false dichotomy, "Myth or Fallacy?"

[Comments] (9) : I was Google sightseeing (they just put up the first decent-resolution satellite photos of the whole world that I've ever seen) and I noticed something weird in Libya. It looks like the Black Pit of Doom. Now that I've seen it I can find the same feature on other, much larger-scale satellite maps. I'm almost positive it's a real geographical feature and not a picture of a solar eclipse or something, but I can't find any information about it on the web. I tried the geographical name search engine for that latitude and longitude, and nothing it found seemed to match. What is that thing? It's creeping me out.

: Are your Nethack bones files dull because you always play the exact same character? Sign up for Hearse and it'll deliver other peoples' bizarre bones files straight to the directory in which you put bones files. Other, inferior bones file sharing services put the bones files in inappropriate directories like the current working directory, or /usr/bin/. Not Hearse!


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