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[Comments] (1) Deglazing: Clip 'n' Save: Brendan doesn't know how to deglaze a pan so he is stymied by my mother's chicken recipe. You deglaze by pouring a cool, flavorful liquid into a hot pan and then quickly scraping off the pan all the burnt bits that stuck to it while you were cooking. The burnt bits and the flavorful liquid will form the basis of a sauce. To deglaze, you usually use one of the three Bs: broth, booze, or lemon juice that somehow starts with a B.

[Comments] (1) Game Roundup You Can't Get Out of Your Head: Lots of Roguelikes and pseudo-RPGs in this Roundup, mainly the luck of the draw. There were a lot of Pac-man type games, but there were so many Pac-man type games, more and more of the URLs from my Game Roundup file turning out to be Pac-man type games, that I decided to round them all up in a special "Pac-man Type Game Fever" roundup, forthcoming.


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