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[Comments] (1) Jake Berendes BoogaBooga: A couple days back Jake was in BoogaBooga (nb. obviously this is my goofy nickname, you get the picture). Also, I got a postcard from Jake! He claims to be coming to San Francisco this fall, and demands vegan tiramisu when he gets here. That's going to be tricky since tiramisu contains just about every non-vegan substance known to man, and all extant recipes are full of unimaginative substitutions. But I'll never have to deliver on it because c'mon, Jake Berendes in California? It could never happen.

Also while writing this entry I noticed that there are some MP3s up from Jake's new album, which now that I think of it I should probably buy cause it's not just gonna magically get sent to me. The songs on this album are based on search requests to his website, and in the postcard he says he's looking forward to the album I've barely touched. "Trouble rarely stops but when it does we make our own," he says.

[Comments] (3) : The LazyWeb strikes back: I was planning to post links to satellite maps of all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but someone else beat me to it. Way to go, person who's not me!


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