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[Comments] (1) : There must be something interesting you could do with this list of each day's registered .com domains. Did you know that 149,161 new .com domains were registered yesterday? Most of them are just sitting there as search engine bait; in fact, a lot of them look to have been registered automatically from search requests.

Update: I ego-grepped the domain list and found "leonardispizza". Who dares claim that I am pizza? A search engine bait domain, that's who.

[Comments] (8) Beginning Python: More thrilling (for me) than the wait for Half-Blood Prince: my book comes out on Friday. In celebration I'm experimenting with shameless marketing on my home page, similar to how Ted Leung advertises his book, but with the lousy page design you've come to know and know from crummy.com. I really, really hope that that cover is not the actual cover they went and printed, because my picture on that cover makes me look like the biggest freak in the world. Worse than my passport photo. I sent them another picture, but who knows what goes on in these publishing companies. Anyway, buy the book, if only to embarrass me.


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